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Landed in Madrid last night, after a 10 hour flight on which British Airways “involuntarily upgraded” me to World Traveler Plus. Not bad. They did lose my luggage in London, which deducts slightly from the experience, but I’ll get it tomorrow.

Walking around on Christmas Eve, the city was empty except for other tourists and “ladies of the night.” We had dinner at a Tienda 25, the only thing open for blocks. I had a box of gazpacho and a can of “Genuine Beer Style”.



Today the place was more crowded. The Plaza Mayor was filled with families, children. We were told that this was a popular place for pickpockets, so we watched our valuables closely. However, we were not prepared for… Spiderman!

He and Mom got into a little tiff.

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  1. laurie levinger
    January 19, 2011

    I won that one!