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Month: March 2009

Bretton Woods Gaper Day

Went to the Bretton Woods Telefest to gape and ski in style. Even got my picture taken with the weatherman:


Special thanks to Nadya and Drew for the suit and goggles, respectively.

On Sunday we went up to Tuckerman for some steeper terrain, but were turned back by the dust-on-crust snow, and generally gnarly conditions. I reached my point of return when the wind gusted above 50 mph and a whiteout ensued. It’s still winter up in them-thar hills, at least for another few weeks. Almost lost a ski due to fumbling with my new bindings, but I side slipped down several hundred feet to get it. Everyone lived to fight another day, so I’ll chalk it up as type-2 fun.


I am a proud participant in the first annual Media Lab Mustache Extravaganza.

Stand in awe of my impending glory!

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