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Burning Man Waking Dreams

After three years away, I returned to Black Rock City with BRC3PO and 80,000 other dusty friends.

August in Seattle

After the terrible smoke last of year, we decided to take month away from the Sierras and spend it in the Pacific Northwest instead. It was lovely to spend time in another city and explore the Cascades and Olympics.

Milky Way Season

It’s that time of the year when the skies are clear and the stars beckon us to view ourselves as part of a larger galaxy.

Yosemite Spring 2022

Another workshop with Great Basin School of Photography, spent five days in the valley chasing waterfalls, moonbows, star trails and a lunar eclipse.

Spring Skiing

After a really mellow February and March, we got a last-minute dump in April. I used the most of my flexible work from home policy to get the goods.

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