I have been incredibly lucky to have family and friends that value the travel experience. As a result I have gotten to see some pretty amazing places.

Athens and Paros in September 2023
Argentina and Antarctica in December 2022
Guadalajara Mexico in November 2021
Dominican Republic, Panama and Belize in December 2019
Taiwan in April 2019
New Zealand and Australia in November 2018
Portugal in August 2018
Vietnam and Cambodia in November 2017
Cuba in November 2017
Vienna in July 2017
Around Epcot in April 2017
Hawaii in February 2017
Learning from History: Berlin, Prague, Budapest and Barcelona in December 2016
Scotland and Ireland in August 2016
Guyana in April 2016
Peru in February 2015
Colombia in June 2014
North Africa in December-January 2014
East Africa in November 2013
Alaska in June 2013
Japan in January 2013
Baja California in January 2012
Northwest National Parks in August 2011
Spain: to find the resting place of great-uncle Sam in January 2011
Cross Country Drive Redux: Moving from Boston to Oakland in August 2010
Guatemala 2010: Went for my Mom’s 60th birthday; took a fascinating jaunt to the country which must not be named
Mapping Palestine: Spent a month in the Occupied Palestinian Territory doing thesis research. Then went to Jordan and Syria with Ruth.
Children’s Crusade: Italy to India overland, through Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Kosovo, Macedonia, Bulgaria, Turkey, Syria, Lebanon, Israel, Occupied Palestine, and Jordan in summer 2008
Maya Adventure: Belize and Guatemala in January 2008
Birthright and Beyond: Israel, Egypt and Jordan in summer 2007
Cross Country Drive: From Boston to San Francisco and back in summer 2006
Old Europe: London, Rome and Prague in January 2005
Montreal in July 2004
Greece in summer 2003
Provence and a short jaunt to Monaco in summer 2002
European Grand Tour: France, Switzerland, Italy, Austria and Germany in summer 2000
China: Beijing and the Great Wall in February 2000
Trinidad and Tobago in winter 1999
Costa Rica in summer 1998
Alaska in summer 1997
England, Scotland and Wales in summer 1994
Florence in summer 1992

For those of you keeping score, that’s over 65 countries or independent territories and all 7 continents! Onward.