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Truckee Robotics

This year I spent many hours volunteering as a coach for a robotics team at the local high school. It was such a rewarding experience, and I documented most of it on social media, even though the kids sort of hate that kind of thing.

Crush the Midterms

It’s just over 100 days to the midterm election, and we have an awesome new way to get people excited about helping out.

Havana and CubaConf

Attended CubaConf in beautiful La Habana, together with an international group of technologists, academics, media producers, and organizers to learn from Cuba’s free/libre open source community about how they build technology.

Peoples Summit

Inspired by the continued fight for the political revolution at the Peoples Summit 2016 in Chicago. Also saw some pretty good art and architecture downtown.

Web of Change 2014

I attended my second Web of Change, and my first at Hollyhock, trying not to compare it to my experience last year.

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