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Leaving Zanzibar

We ended the trip with one final day of crazy travel, with four consecutive flights to get us back home.

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We left Chumbe and headed to the east side of the island for a few more days on the beach. Zanzibar has a number of exclusive resorts, but we wanted to go to an area where hotels are a little more integrated into the community.

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Chumbe Island

We spent today at an exceptional non-profit coral preserve at Chumbe Island.

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Around Stone Town

This morning we explored the labyrinthine city, which reflects architecture and layout from it’s long history as a hub of trade between Africa, the Arabian peninsula, and India.

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To Zanzibar

This morning we took the ferry to Zanzibar, an island about 30 miles offshore, with a fascinating history as the center of trade on the East African coast.

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