Today was one of the top skiing days of my life. Up there with skiing Mt Washington from top to bottom last spring, and the day I skipped school senior year of high school to go to Cannon, and then returned home to find out I had gotten into college.

The last storm dumped 48″, and the resorts and highway 80 were closed on Friday, keeping the good stuff around long enough for us to get up there. The powder was boot-top everywhere, thigh to waist-high in the trees, and the skies were clear and blue. The air was cold by California standards, but the sun was warm. I’m told that in the local vernacular, the conditions were “hella nectar.” I don’t disagree.

Ian and Daniel showed me one of their favorite stashes, just out of bounds on the lake side of Scott mountain. It was less tracked up than the in bounds trails, and held good lines well into the afternoon. My tele technique in the steep and deep is still progressing, but it was hard to look bad in this hero snow. Helped a woman try and find a ski she lost in the trees, but she eventually gave up and said she’d come back and find it in the spring. Returned with John, Boyd and Chris, and did it all over again.

Outer limits panorama

Outer limits panorama

Warning: serious stoke

Ian and Daniel riding