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Month: May 2018

Istanbul Once More

I keep finding myself in Istanbul, thanks to generous layovers on Turkish Airlines. This is fourth time in ten years, and I now feel like I know at least the European side of the city.

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This Year in Jerusalem

I planned a trip to Israel with my mother, who had never been. She was so upset at the wars in the 70s that she swore not to go until they “made peace” with their neighbors. In the 40 years since, it became clear that wasn’t going to happen, and so we are here together for Mothers’ Day.

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Petra and Wadi Rum

After a week in Israel, we crossed the border in Aqaba and got a taxi up to Petra. I’ve been here twice before, and this time I was determined to see something new.

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Ein Gedi and Masada

Down to the Dead Sea, and back up waterfalls and desert fortresses.

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