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Around my (once and former) fair city

Josh and Andy’s Birthday Extravaganza

Balloon Boys

Helping Jeff with his experiments in low cost aerial photography. More pictures on Christina’s Flickr page.

Balloon Inflation
Jeff Attaching the Payload
Walking down the Charles
MIT Suspenders

The somewhat finished product

New Website

I created a somewhat more professional website for cool stuff I do in the Media Lab. At any rate, it should improve my ranking on Google.

Life In the City

I walked out my door this morning for Laika’s walk to the sight of my car jacked off the ground, two wheels missing. Some yahoos stole them, but were kind enough to leave a pile of lugnuts and the jack itself. After one profanity laced call to my parents, and then two calm ones to the police and the insurance company, I walked a few blocks to my friendly neighborhood auto shop. They said that another Fit had all four wheels taken last night, so I guess I was lucky. Come on guys, I voted for Barack; can’t we all just get along?

Harbor Islands

With it hot as a genital reference in the city today, my lady friend and I decided to head to the ocean. What better way to cool down than show a southern belle a former confederate prison in the middle of Boston harbor? I am a genius.

She forgave my cultural faux pas, and pretended to be impressed by my Indiana Jones-style cavern finding. However, this faded when I asked a man on a golf cart how to get to where I wanted to go. This was after she paced out the distance from one wall to the relevant air shaft. Apparently asking for directions isn’t always the right thing to do if one wants to impress a lady.

In the chamber of secrets
I am a wild animal
Big wall

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