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Voter Registration Starts

Today is the big day: the start of the SMS voter registration.

Revolutionary Graffiti

One of the most striking things you see driving around this city is the revolutionary graffiti on walls, underpasses, and columns. The new flag is everywhere, and Gaddafi caricatures are quite popular.

Living in Tripoli

Since I’ll be living here for two months, I will try and document my experience of daily life on this project.

Libya Elections

In a late-breaking development, I got a contract to work on a voting registration system in Libya. I’ll be here for two months building data analysis dashboards, reviewing technical infrastructure, and fixing issues as they come up. It’s the next part of my quest to learn more about international development, as well as do “good work with smart people.”

— Update Jan 21 2014
I am now out of Libya, and will be writing back-dated posts on my experience living and working there.

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