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Hanukkah 2020

The miracle of lights hits a little different this year. While we can’t gather in person, we will still light candles, eat latkes, spin the dreidel, and enjoy as much gin-and-tonicah or holiday nog as you wish.

November 4th – 3am

Four years later, and it has been worse than we feared. Our borders closed, asylum banned and human rights denied, police killings and racist rhetoric, school and synagogue shootings and a President who praised the “very fine people” who marched with torches in the night. Then a global pandemic killed millions worldwide and destroyed many more jobs and lives. Despite it all, the election is too close to call. Too close for comfort. Too close to bear.

Visiting Oregon

It’s smokey everywhere in California, so we drove 8 hours to the Oregon coast for some socially distanced camping, paddling and oyster eating.

Lake Behavior

Enjoying the warm weather while it lasts. Summer in the Sierras goes by fast.

Summer Skies

Taking the time to do more astrophotography, a perfect excuse to social distance when staying up late.

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