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Aramburu and Recoleta

Last night Ruth scored a reservation at Aramburu, which doesn’t have a Michelin star but surely should. Eighteen courses and a wine pairing later, we are stuffed.

Experiencing Argentina

We only have two days before our formal tour starts, so we are trying to make the most of every minute in this beautiful city.

To Buenos Aires

We are off on an adventure that’s been a long time coming, first to Argentina and then to Antarctica! We booked this trip back in 2020, but then, well, you know what happened. Glad to get back on the road a few years later!

Maine Weekend

Took a long weekend to head up the coast to see Acadia again. It’s a little late for foliage, but the wild shore is still lovely and the lobsters delicious.

Moving Back to Boston

After over ten years in Oakland and two in Truckee it’s time to head back East to be closer to family, friends and jobs. I will dearly miss the diverse landscapes and people of California, but I am also excited to enjoy the cultural, infrastructural and culinary amenities of old New England.

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