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On our way back to Anchorage for our flight home, we took a slight detour on the Hope highway. It’s a small town of 192 people, but it used to be the largest in Alaska during a gold rush in 1896. We saw the town museum, took a tour led by the entire fifth grade class (one kid, Alex), and saw a sign of some latent liberal values.

Yurt Life

Stayed at a lovely yurt with a view across the Kachemak Bay to the mountains and glaciers beyond. We had initially planned to drive back up to Talkeetna for a flightseeing tour and hike near Denali, but the light rain and heavy cloud cover meant that we’d be unlikely to fly.

Gone Fishing

Drove down the peninsula, taking in the majesty of the mountains and the bounty of the rivers. Stayed at a campground on the banks of the Russian River, and watched eagles soar and mosquitos swarm in the twilight.

Kenai Fjords

We left Anchorage and drove south on the Kenai peninsula to Seward, where we caught a boat to Fox Island. It felt a little bit like wilderness Disneyland, but the food was good, the beds were warm, and the wildlife was spectacular.

North, to Alaska

After our fabulous wedding, we left for a weeklong honeymoon to the northern frontier.

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