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People with whom I share some DNA. Those Levinger genes are strong.

Celebrating Hedi

My last remaining grandparent passed away in the fall, but her extended circle of family and friends had a wonderful celebration of her long life this spring.

Boston Weekend

Back to Boston for a weekend of theater, baseball, and visiting our old stomping grounds.


Visited lovely Vienna with my grandparents Joe and Hedi. It was wonderful to spend time with them and see the city through their eyes.

Tahoe Thanksgiving

Family came to California for the holidays and experienced a lovely snowstorm in the Sierras.

Picking a fine Whiskey

After a few dog-less years, it was time to get some canine companionship back in my life. Ruth has been looking on BarkBuddy, which is essentially Tinder for dogs, and swiping left on almost every single one.

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