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Send in the Drones

I’m really into drones this year.

SF Halloween

Another excellent SF Halloween party.

Hokey religion's no match for a blaster at your side
Banana Brett
Werewolf Bar Mitzvah
Star Wars Crew


I’ve always enjoyed Halloween, but this year I went the extra mile. Actually 3000 miles, as blew my carbon budget flying to Oakland for a party with Ruth. I assembled the costume haphazardly, but it all came together for the desired effect. Two mutton chops, six aluminum claws, one tub of hair gel, one bear belt buckle, one surplus jacket, and innumerable exposed chest hairs, and I became the man himself. Some of the party goers failed their nerd test, thinking I was wolfman, but a quick flash of my claws was quite convincing.

I was in good company with my girl Rogue, 1973 David Bowie, Little Red Riding Hood with a Jagermeister basket, Superman cum Clark Kent, Quailman, and the entire cast of SuperTroopers (Staties and Spurbury, with real facial hair). Next year Hannah Montana / Miley Cyrus? Due vita, una secreto!

One claw
Two claws
Bear belt buckle
Dartmouth ski team Carhartt
Wolverine and Rogue

Want to make your own? I used the Media Lab’s waterjet and these files:

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