Tour of Belchite

This is a clip made for Spanish TV about the tour of the ruins of Belchite that colleagues and I took on January 25, 2014. We met a woman whose father had served with the Francoist army as a 21 year old doctor. She has just published his memoir called (in Spanish) “They Don’t Shoot People on Sundays”. We exchanged copies of our books.

One thought on “Tour of Belchite

  1. Greetings Laurie. I am Margot Heinemann’s daughter Jane.
    I found Belchite terribly moving when I visited with the IBMT last October. It reminded me again that even a just war is horrible and that even a horrible war can be necessary. I found myself singing Where Have All the Flowers gone under my breath and remembering how much time and energy the people who became Brigaders had often dedicated to the peace movement in the early 30s, and how hard many of those who returned from Spain & WW2 worked for peace later. Thank you for this posting.

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