In Case of Death Only

Sam’s final letter to his parents, written some time in July 1937.
Read in Valencia, Spain, January 28, 2014.

One thought on “In Case of Death Only

  1. Dear Laurie Levinger, I have just re-read your book about Sam Levinger and found it again very moving. The passage in which Elma hears in her mind Sam coming home as he used to is almost unbearable. I have a son who is now slightly older than Sam was when he died. Like Sam he is a clear eyed idealist. I can imagine he would do the same as Sam did all those years ago. The pain for Lee and his mother must have been unbearable, despite Sam dying for anoble cause. Thank you for commemorating Sam’s death. Currently I am writing a book about Akron, Ohio. (It is a long story about how an Australian comes to be doing so, but the short answer is that it is via my book The Devil’s Milk: A social History of Rubber.) I wonder if in the course of your research you came across the name Steve Militech, an Akron rubber worker who died withe the Lincolns at Belchite? I’d appreciate any information you might have. With best wishes, John Tully, Melbourne, Australia

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