New Book of Testimonies- “Guerra inconclusa: La voz de los sobrevivientes”

I am working on a new book of testimonies of survivors of the Guatemalan civil war titled Guerra inconclusa: La voz de los sobrevivientes (Unfinished War: Voices of Survivors).  The following video includes part of a testimony given by Lupita, a 19 year old Maya woman who is a survivor of the civil war in Guatemala. The testimony is given in Spanish with English subtitles. A video of three verbatim testimonies will be included in the new book.

Below is an audio recording of my reading a translation of part of the testimony given by Victoria, a 30 year old Maya woman.

If you’d like to make a contribution to the publication of this new book and/or receive updates regarding its progress, please contact me:

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One thought on “New Book of Testimonies- “Guerra inconclusa: La voz de los sobrevivientes”

  1. These stories are, for me, too painful to listen to — and that’s not to say they shouldn’t be heard or told. There’s so much horror, sorrow, and suffering. I really wonder, sometimes, whether there’s any saving the world? Will it ever be possible for human beings to live together peacably? I don’t know what to make of it.

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