Ventured into the far north woods of New Hampshire for a weekend off the beaten path. Greg found Mt. Percy by scouring Google Earth for bald peaks; it’s beyond route 2, but close enough to a snowmobile trail that it’s pretty easy to get to. After a long drive beginning at some ungodly hour, we got to the trailhead around 10. Skinned in on the side of the snowmobile trail, diving for cover whenever those ferocious machines sped past. Next time, we’re bringing a rope and getting towed. Once we got to the hiking trail, the noise dropped off and we were alone. We didn’t see any signs of recent skiers, only a moose bed in the deep snow.

The mountain juts above the landscape, only 3300 feet but still two thousand feet above the road. The bald peak looked like a perfect ice cream cone. Sadly, due to equipment issues and our late start, we didn’t make it above treeline, turning around at 2:30 near the col between the two peaks. Still, the ski down was fun in the light powder, and we stopped at a gravel pit on the side of the trail to play on the 40 degree slope. The snowmobilers were impressed by our antics, although we both looked at each other like they were crazy. Cim, Greg and Pat had impressive rides, and I gave it the old college try. The black and white shot below is just prior before a spectacular wipe out.