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Krak des Chevaliers

On the notion that I need to storm a castle in every country I visit, I went to a crusader stronghold today. TE Lawrence called it the “most wholly admirable castle in the world”, and I think I agree. It is remarkably well preserved, and the interior is still as musty and dank as it has been for the last thousand years. I found a passageway marked “secret entrance”, which was pitch black, steep and rocky, so of course I had to try it. Sadly, I was without my torch, so I couldn’t go too far without killing myself. Still, it was an admirable Indiana Jones moment.

After the castle, I took a pea green 1960’s Mercedes taxi across the border, in another stereotypical middle east experience. The driver had three teeth, started the car with wires under the dash, played arabic pop as loud as the speakers could go, and drove like a madman. It was great, and I even made it back to Beirut alive. In all, a good excursion.

Conquering Krak
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  1. Jared

    hah. the bit about your drive across the border is classic.

  2. Jan

    Ok, I admit it. I’m glad you are back in Beirut. These border crossings are just not my favorite part of your trip.

    Glad the India visa is in order, and you will be headed for a reunion with the 3rd J. Hopefully, it will be a bit cooler in the mountains. I read that it was 86 degrees at night in Damascus yesterday, and they said it was pleasantly warm on the website – not my idea of cooling off in the evening.

  3. Josh,

    have you arrived in India? Where will you and James go hiking?

    Happy travels,

    love, mom

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