I spent Christmas Eve in Atlanta, going for walks with Shush and Janet, and helping Ijah and Kendra decorate the tree. Then back to Covington for celebrations with the Millers. I had a beautiful Hannukah stocking, and instigated the first menorah lighting in Covington in years.

I was introduced to a whole host of new traditions, all of which involved eating something delcious. First pastries and Pretty Pretty Princess at the Laseter’s, where I was crowned the winner, beating both a ten year old girl and a former stripper. Then a fabulous brunch at Linda’s, where the quiche and eggnog flowed freely. Then back to Atlanta for Powell christmas and Ashton’s brined turkey, which was softer and than I could have imagined. We connected with Dwight over Facebook, and drove with him to the Loganville Waffle House, equidistant between Atlanta and Athens. I was goaded into ordering the all star, which I finished sans toast. A late drive around Atlanta didn’t reveal another bar open at 2am, so we retired with dreams of sugar plums dancing in our heads.