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Sacred Sights

Hannah slept like a rock last night. After a leisurely morning, we went to the Old City so she can get her bearings. Wandered around in the Muslim Quarter for awhile, then moseyed over to the Wailing Wall. Hannah was constrained to the women’s area, but I wandered into the air conditioned synagogue in the tunnels to the left. Fundamentally unfair, but I guess that’s the way it is. Then we ascended the Temple Mount/Haram al-Sharif via the Maghrebi-gate. I thought the whole complex was closed to non-Muslims, but we didn’t have any trouble. It’s a profoundly beautiful spot, as the pictures attest. Sadly, I think that if “we” got to rebuild the temple it wouldn’t be nearly as pretty.

Hipster shades
Practicing her Arabic
Us and the Dome
Hannah above the Wall

Met Nitin and the Voices Beyond Walls crew for drinks, so Hannah could meet them. Then we met Hannah’s friends Carrie and Brian for waffles and a walk through the German Colony. She’ll hang out with them on Shabbat, and Jared and I will go on an adventure. More on that later.




Ni’lin Protest


  1. josh,

    that’s an amazing photo of Hannah with the dome reflected in her sunglasses!

    love, mom

  2. Janet

    Not to anyone else’s surprise, you have my attention with the reference to an adventure with Jared especially since you appear to not be including Hannah in the escapade. I’m ready for some details – email works.

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