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Home Again

Jared and Faith were nice enough to drive us to Tel Aviv, so we gorged ourselves on sushi, enjoying the decidedly unkosher crispy baconmaki, and then spent a few hours on the beach. Once the fine sand had infiltrated every crevice, I bandited a quick open-air shower before hopping on a plane for fifteen hours. Sadly, the Philadelphia Chick-fil-a was closed due to our arrival on the Christian sabbath, so the trip was not a total success. Instead, I will leave you with the enduring image of Nasrallah stroking his beard.

Hassan keeps it silky smooth


Wadi Rum


Government 2.0

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  1. Hi Josh,
    When will you be in the Upper Valley? We would love to see you. Do you have any photos of Jared? I’ve enjoyed reading your blog.


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