Went to see Ruth for the weekend, and got a taste of the local culture. And by culture, I mean the Folsom Street Fair. It’s sort of like your standard Renaissance Faire, but with even more sweaty dudes and ladies in constrictive clothes. They do both tend to have turkey legs for sale. I particularly love the costumes; I saw Boy Scouts, policemen, football players, and lumberjacks in addition to the standard leather gear. Probably could have staged a village people reunion.

Real cop vs Leather cops

Vermont St

After getting our fill of naked twister, we went off to scout the pleasant neighborhoods of Potrero Hill (scenic and steep) and Dogpatch (industrial and condolicious). But, they have a Vermont Street that is even curvier than Lombard. Apparently, they race bigwheels down it once a year. I shall return!

Free speech dude

Walked through Temescal on Monday, gorging ourselves on Bakesale Betty fried chicken, steak sandwiches and strawberry shortcake, culminating in a visit to an excellent “center for reuse” store. Who knew I needed glow in the dark astrobits to spell my name in space? On the way back, noticed a sweet bumper sticker that references my favorite recent Supreme Court case. I like this town.

Also visited Jennifer, Tobi and Max. The monster is as cute as a button, and now has an MIT onesie. No pressure, little dude.