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Around Lake Atitlan

We left Antigua early on Saturday and drove along the Pan-American highway north to the lake. It’s a curvy road, but apparently much better than it used to be. Children stand along the edges waving to the turisticos, hoping to be thrown candy.

Ruth's beaded brachylophosaurus

We had lunch and did more shopping in Panajachel, and Ruth found a beaded dinosaur that I thought was an igaunadon, but she declared definitively was a brachylophosaurus. I trust the amateur paleontologist on this one. All the kids knew was that it cost 175 quetzales.

Volcano view

We left Armando and took a small boat from Pana to Santa Cruz, where we are staying for the weekend. There is a ridiculous view out our bungalow window of one of the volcanoes that ring the lake. Had a lively diner discussion with some of the other people staying at the hotel, and retired early to a game of Hannah Montana Uno.


Antigua Guatemala


Santiago Atitlan


  1. Ruth

    I might have been pronouncing it incorrectly, but I was trying to vocalize the word “Parasaurolophus”.

  2. Jeffrey Warren

    josh just wanted it to be a brachyosaurus or a dilophosaurus so he mashed them up. that’d be a 60 foot tall poison-spitting, Dennis Nedry-eating beast of a dino.

    but i googled brachylophosaurus and it exists!!! wow, josh and ruth may be better dinosaur hunters than I. (hurt pride)

  3. They’re both hadrosaurs, so you can see how I made the mistake. But Ruth is right, that beaded dino is a parasaurolophus.


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