Preparing for the second leg of our adventure, we went to Guatemala City to catch an early flight. Ruth was interested in exploring the capital, which Lonely Planet describes as “dirty, dangerous, and fascinating.” True on all counts.

We’re staying in Marianna’s Petit Hotel, which is in a guarded compound near the airport. Inside, it is decked out in Christmas gear, including a trainset and funicular.

Out in the city, we did a walking tour of the historic center. Found cheap souvenirs on the crowded Calle Real, including a 999999-in-1 FunStation Game, which must be the result of integer overflow. The central park was filled with families enjoying the sunshine, and two clowns who were apparently very entertaining. Right off the park, the beautiful National Cathedral is fronted by 12 columns documenting the names of the disappeared. Impressive to see that recognition out in the open, even if it is years too late. Stopped in a bar that was apparently a favorite of Che’s. It serves beer by the goblet, which is a good start. More on him later, as our adventure continues…

El Portal
Resistencia Lesbica
National Cathedral