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Mt Stinson

Finally got out on the snow a weekend after the big storms. Found a hill near the MITOC cabin at Rumney, which was logistically convenient and close enough for a day trip. The snow was still deep and light, but the pitch wasn’t quite steep enough. That, or I need to wax my skis. Still, weaving between the trees is always fun. I got stabbed in my shoulder by one, which actually drew blood even through my shell. Glad I was wearing my new helmet and goggles. Chicks dig scars, right?

Sledheads at Summit
Lunch spot
Bottom of run
Tired and hungry
Route Map

Thanks to Nadya and Keith for the photos

Got back to the city with just enough time for a shower before the LSC SciFi marathon. Couldn’t miss that MIT tradition.


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Josh and Andy’s Birthday Extravaganza

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  1. nadya

    silly josh, look how much fun you had. why do you want to go to pittsburgh next weekend, and not come skiing with us!

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