Weiner para-nationals
Weiners go!
Weiners set

Andy is here for the weekend, and we decided to make it a horse-based visit. Yesterday we went to Golden Gate Fields, where the races were interspersed with with the Weiner Nationals. Those little dogs ran their hearts out, including one who was on wheels. But for me, the betting ended up being the bigger attraction. I learned what I could from the program, and then put $20 and decided to have some fun. My first bet was a winner, which set a dangerous precedent. Two hours, a double Bloody Mary and a few Heinekins later, and my $20 had turned into $37. Of course the winnings didn’t cover the drink prices or the entry fee, but I’ll definitely be back on a Dollar Sunday, when the transaction costs are lower.

Hallelujah Harry makes his move

I'm on a horse
Riding through the golden fields
Post adventure meal

After a night out at downtown Oakland’s hippest bars, we woke bleary eyed and headed north to Point Reyes for further horsing. Ruth had bought a Yelpon for half-priced horseback riding, and so we played cowboy and cowgirl for a morning. My horse, Polly, was a little lazy, but we formed a bond and I didn’t nudge her too hard in the ribs to start a trot. After a two hour ride, we took our saddle sore selves to the shore for an oyster extravaganza. Turns out Andy doesn’t like oysters, so I had to double up on the 50 we bought. I was happy to oblige.