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Sailing in the Bay

It’s mid-February, and there’s still no snow in the mountains. It is, however, warm enough to sail. I sometimes lament the lack of seasons, but today I learned to make the most of it. Our friends rented a boat from Spinnaker Sailing, and told us to show up at 10am at Pier 40. We took BART over, got supplies at the ferry building, and set off for adventure. I’ve taken a dunk in the Charles on a few previous sailing trips, so I was glad we had an experienced captain. The weather was perfect, the sun came out, and the wind held steady. Went under the Bay Bridge and around Alcatraz island, getting a great view of the city, the bridges, and a few friendly sea lions. Had a great time drinking mimosas in the sun; not skiing, but still a pretty solid weekend.

On the water
Ruth at the helm
Dirigible over Alcatraz


Kayaking in Baja California



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  1. laurie

    Even though it’s not skiing, it sure does look like fun.

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