After a busy year at work with no vacation due to the election, we decided to take off for the holidays. No east coast Christmas for us, instead we are going to the Far East coast.

We packed for three weeks in carryon suitcases: two pairs of pants each, our most outlandish pants, and enough gear to keep us warm. Where we’re going it’s actually winter, unlike California.

Took BART to SFO, and we’re dismayed by the fog and flight delays. Our first leg through LA was postponed, so we would miss the next international connection. We waited in a very long line to rebook, but we’re aided by a man with rockabilly hair and a solver’s attitude, who put us on a direct SF-Tokyo flight.

One sprint through the airport with our light luggage, a few surprised ticket agents later, and we were on board. Didn’t have seats together, but we’ll see each other a bunch for the next three weeks. Sadly there were no in flight movie screens, just a persistent beeping to remind me why I try not to fly legacy carriers.

Now a 12-hour flight over the international date line into the future. Will update this blog as Internet and time allows.