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With only one full day in Kigali, we resolved to make it count.

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To Rwanda

We had a final breakfast and fruit shake at Bancafe, then stopped at an ATM for a topup of cash. Most machines don’t take MasterCard, which appears to far less widely accepted than Visa. Said goodbye to Chris and the guards at the Prestige, and were off to Entebbe to begin the vacation portion of the trip.

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Last Day in Kampala

We’ve been in Kampala for two weeks, and feel like we’ve gotten to know our part of the city fairly well. We are confident crossing the street, negotiating boda fares, and navigating the slew of restaurants in town. Some fond memories to note, before we head off on the rest of the trip.

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RootIO Demo to UNICEF

Today we showed our progress on RootIO to two members of the UNICEF Innovation Lab, Stefan Bock and BP Panwar. It was scheduled for 10am, but was delayed to the afternoon by other meeting conflicts. This was actually fine, and we used the spare hours to clean up some bugs and add extra functionality. Demo or die, right Chris?

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Nile Rafting

We ran eight rapids over 23km of the Nile: three class V, five class IV. I only fell out of the boat twice, and everyone had a good time.

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