Since I’ve been back from Libya for a few months, registrations have continued to support the the election in February and another round coming up in June. Democracy marches on.

Reboot produced a slick case study that document the the project, and TechPresident wrote it up. In all, over 1.5 million people registered to vote over SMS, the first time that technology has been used on a national voter registration system. The data dashboard was the primary public interface to the system, and after many rounds of revisions was a hit among the election commission staff. My code to generate the voter rolls produced thousands of pages of publicly viewed documents, and was used by millions of voters to find their station inside the polling place. I have been pleased to see my code continue to be used and improved, and some of the rough edges required by the exigencies of rapid development get smoothed out by the excellent developers now on the project.

I am proud of being a part of this moment in history, advancing the state of the art of voter registration, and helping build the machinery of a new democracy.