After three years away, I returned to Black Rock City with BRC3PO and 80,000 other dusty friends.

As always with Burning Man, there are parts that I love and parts that I hate. The heat and wind were a good deal higher than they were for me last time, and I felt their effects every day around noon. But in the cool mornings and bumping nights, the magic of the experience remains.

Camping with the Post Office is a great opportunity to give back to the community and interact with the city in a different way. Wearing my new “Post Monster General” shirt, I was able to walk into camps and deliver mail anywhere under official auspices. My favorite interaction was bringing a package to someone at the Thunderdome who said as an aside “I wonder if it’s knives?” and then excitedly proclaimed to the whole camp “it’s knives!”

My we all be so excited to receive knives.

Across the Beam
Photos from Flickr