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Saw the best of South Dakota today: Sioux Falls, 400 miles of I-90, the ur-tourist trap at Wall Drug, the sudden rise of the Badlands from the plains, a decommissioned nuclear missile at the Minuteman National Historical Site, buffalo BBQ in Rapid City, and Mount Rushmore at night. Went for a swim in our hotel pool to relax, only to be told that it was closed to due child vomit ten minutes after we got in. I wondered why it was that color…

Minuteman Silo
Dinosaur at Wall Drug
Ruth and President Polk
Mt Rushmore
Crazy Horse


Drove across Wisconsin and Minnesota today, making it to the South Dakota state line by nightfall. Tom Friedman was right, the world is flat.

Deke Slayton
Prairie God?
Ruth and Cornelius
Mars Cheese Castle


Most of what I know of Milwaukee I learned from Alice Cooper in Wayne’s World. Turns out it’s actually a cool town. Stayed with some couch surfers Ruth met on her last midwestern tour. We went down to the waterfront to listen to a blues band and watch old white people dance, then to a german bar to play ridiculously dangerous bar games and drink too much. In all, a fine evening.

Mars Cheese Castle
Dead Squirrel Bar


Maybe this is my coastal elitism, but I had no idea Chicago had such a dense urban core. I had suspected maybe a dozen skyscrapers, but was amazed to see at least fifty while on an architecture boat cruise. One of the pleasures of traveling with an urban planner.

Rutherford B Hayes Presidential Library
At the "Denny's in the Sky"
Chicago Dog

Flee to the Cleve

Ruth was excited about Cleveland, but I was underwhelmed. Maybe it was because we were there on a Sunday night. Did have a good steak dinner at a microbrewery, walking back to our hotel through the deserted streets.

General Cleaveland

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