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RootIO Demo to UNICEF

Today we showed our progress on RootIO to two members of the UNICEF Innovation Lab, Stefan Bock and BP Panwar. It was scheduled for 10am, but was delayed to the afternoon by other meeting conflicts. This was actually fine, and we used the spare hours to clean up some bugs and add extra functionality. Demo or die, right Chris?

RootIO Demo

We arrived in Kampala almost a week ago, and have spent our days acclimating to the environment and timezone, and preparing demos for the Uganda Radio Network and UNICEF Innovation Lab.

Web of Change

Back from an amazing, exhausting, exhilarating weekend at Web of Change 2013. I reconnected with old friends, met internet colleagues in person, and joined an amazing community of people working to make the world a better place. I was a little nervous about the hype of the conference (the words “life changing” were used), but I threw my cynicism into the opening bonfire, and let my heart open.

RootIO Radio

Finishing a retreat week on a new project with my old advisor. It’s an open-source system to build a network of hyper-cheap local radio stations, using some new tricks with cloud telephony and internet-enabled program dynamics. It’s generously sponsored by the Knight Foundation, and led by Chris Csikszentmihalyi and Jude Mukundane. I’m excited to help think through some of the technology architecture and build an initial demo for a pilot project in Uganda. Check it out at and

Last Day at CEL

Today was my last day at the Citizen Engagement Lab, after three years of working with a band of incredibly hard working, smart, passionate people.

It is a bittersweet farewell, but I am looking forward to the future, and to a new life of freelance work.

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