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Because what else is money good for?

Freedom Flies

Flew the Freedom Flies experimental vehicle on a dried lake bed in Arizona. Not quite the technical success we had hoped, but it’s an amazing landscape, and playing hooky for a week was fun. Watch me dive for my life in this movie.

Our heroes
Off the beaten path
There be monsters
Matisse profile
Evening fun
Ramblin' Man

Home Again

Returned from Old Europe safely. It was nice to get away from this country to remind myself that the rest of the world is still sane.

Zach and David In front of the British Museum
Cutty Sark, the most beautiful ship ever built.
The Roman Forum, with two twerps in the foreground.
The shot that had to be taken.
Enjoying a bottle of sacramental wine in front of the Vatican.
Big Ben and I, with the London Eye looking warily on.

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