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Freedom Flies

Flew the Freedom Flies experimental vehicle on a dried lake bed in Arizona. Not quite the technical success we had hoped, but it’s an amazing landscape, and playing hooky for a week was fun. Watch me dive for my life in this movie.

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Off the beaten path
There be monsters
Matisse profile
Evening fun
Ramblin' Man


Roberts’ Confirmation


Samuel Levinger

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  1. Lisa Schwartz

    Hi Josh,
    I like your projects, this one and the virtual gaza. I am a grad student at the University of Arizona (Tucson) trying to pull together a group for the MacArthur Foundation digital media and learning competition (21st century learning lab designers). We want to do a kind of distributed network that is primarily located at a local middle school w/predominately latino students (with offshoots at an environmental center and connections to UA) that looks at biological and cultural diversity and enlists the use of mobile devices, mapping, social media…
    We want to engage youth with ways to document, create campaigns and engage in activity (including advising on learning engagements) that explores threats to and positive aspects of both (e.g. buffelgrass – these is big network for that here and border issues, immigration etc.) Are you going to apply for one of these grants?
    It seems like you might be a good collaborator!

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