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Visiting Oregon

It’s smokey everywhere in California, so we drove 8 hours to the Oregon coast for some socially distanced camping, paddling and oyster eating.

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Lake Behavior

Enjoying the warm weather while it lasts. Summer in the Sierras goes by fast.

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Summer Skies

Taking the time to do more astrophotography, a perfect excuse to social distance when staying up late.

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Springtime in Truckee

I’ve lived in California for ten years, but never really got used to the perpetually pleasant weather in the Bay Area. I made it my mission this spring to enjoy the wildflowers and changing seasons.

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Moving to the Mountains

I’ve loved visiting the Truckee-Tahoe area for years for the ample winter skiing in the mountains, and beautiful lakes and hikes in the summer. During a weekend visit in February, Ruth opened up Zillow and poked around.

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