Hard to imagine a more perfect place to end an incredible trip, on a secluded island in the middle of the world’s greatest reef.

We took a very early flight to Cairns, and then a waited for our prop plane to Lizard. It’s a luxury resort inside a national park, and it’s far enough from the coast that day trips are difficult to do. So we splurged for the fanciest three days of my travels so far, and learned to lap it up.

We got to take out a private dinghy to snorkel on our own, finding turtles, ridiculously large giant clams, and plenty of fish life. The coral itself was looking a bit bleached due to increased water temperatures. There is a research station on the island that’s finding ways to restore the coral, but it’s one of those things that’s changing rapidly thanks to global warming.

Friendly Sea Turtle
Ruth’s Turtle
Barrier Reef from Above
Reef from Above
Giant Clams
Sorbet Sky
Pastel Sunset in a Sorbet Sky