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Cape Horn and Ushuaia Again

Back across the Drake Passage, we fought the wind and slightly larger waves. We returned to Argentina just in time to watch the World Cup finale and head out to celebrate.

Paradise Bay and Back

We are done with landings, but have two more days on the ship to get back to Ushuaia.

Lemaire Channel to Petermann Island

Today we crossed the spectacular glacial channel and had our last landing on Antarctica. But we still have more cruising to go!

Cierva Cove and Cuverville Island

We are back on the western side of the Antarctic Peninsula, as the ice was too thick on the east. The weather is a bit colder, but the stoke is still high.

Erebus and Terror Gulf

Today we got off the ship again and into the water for a kayak among icebergs and the “polar plunge.” What a trip!

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