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James and wanted a break from the Delhi heat, and headed up to the mountains. Dharamsala is the home of the largest Tibetan community outside of Tibet, and has a very different feel from the rest of India. We went on a day hike up to Triund, to see the beginning of the real Himalaya. Despite the monsoon rain, it did clear in the afternoon and the views did not disappoint. Having the mountains appear through the mist only added to the ambiance. On the way down we helped a trail worker replace some large rocks; he said he works only for karma, so I guess we got some too. I still don’t understand the distinctions between the varieties of religions in this part of the world. I guess you are just allowed to have as many gods with as many arms as you please. I don’t really see anything wrong with that. There’s certainly something up here above the clouds.

Monks nightly vigil
Macleod Ganj
Hiking in the mist
Making a friend

Edit: Here is a view of our route on Google Earth. We started at around 6000 feet and went to 9527 over four miles. Not bad for a day hike.


Taj Mahal




  1. Jan

    Wonderful photos of the mountains and the mist rising. Indian is now added to my list as well. The photos remind me of Dana’s trek through those mountains.

    Good luck with all your flights and connections on your return. We are all ready to see you and hear the stories. Laika is getting a bath this weekend in anticipation of your return – she says you wouldn’t care but she doesn’t get the deciding vote in this.

  2. josh,

    love the photos of the prayer flags in the mountains and your new (four legged) friend. Remember the Indian we met in the Whites years ago who was hiking in flip flops and told us this was nothing compared to hiking in the “Himalyas”?

    It’ll be great to see you soon.

    love, mom

  3. Karen Summer (Nancy's sister)

    Dear Josh,
    I feel privileged to know the url to your blog. The photos show such an (pardon the old-fashioned word) exotic place! Macleod Ganj, Triund, the monks are wonderful! I hope to see you and more of your shots when you’re in Hanover. Merrily, Karen

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